256 days….

I stayed home today.

My sore shoulder, neck and head from last night conspired to give me poor sleep and I woke up with a thumping headache.

Coffee and advil eased it, but I piked out of work (leaving the class to have a quick vomit might not have been a good look).

But – they child-free day at home has made me feel a lot better – both physically and emotionally.

I feel like I’m almost coping again.  Obviously, I still need to find a way of stopping H from bringing home a metric ton of “collage” each day…. and today’s effort wasn’t even collage, just a bunch of beer coolers and some sunglass bags that were donate to the collage box in class.

Mower dude came again today – he’s a nice enough bloke, professional and his rates seem to be reasonable.  At least the lawn is one more thing I can cross off the “shit you should be doing but I have to” list.

The kids and I just watched a Harry Potter movie. Some say they are too young for this movie.  I say that their reality of having no father is waaaaaay scarier and emotionally devastating … so bog-off nosy parker.  They might be young but they get the difference between fantasy and reality.  For a start, in fantasy, dead people can still talk to you which I happen to think is more “wonderful dream” than “nightmare”.

But then again, I only recently saw “The sixth sense” on DVD and thought it was a beautiful idea rather than a scary ghost movie.

You loved the HP books.  You and I differed in our reading style – I like to read a little of a book each night.  You had to sit and devour the whole thing in one sitting.  ….and the last few HP books were a bit of a challenge in that regard.

I miss doing totally dorky “spells” with you … usually in the car when we’d come up with things like “evaporate” to get rid of the traffic…

I miss you.

I love you.