262 days….

You’ll be pleased to note that the verbal spewage of yesterday seemed to flip the switch in my brain…. I’m coping again.  Life is bearable.  I feel much less alone.

…and I can see the funny side of the psychic shop being closed.

In other news, Dad’s MRI scan today showed that the brain tumour is stable.  That’s some good news although it still doesn’t explain the elevated markers in the blood test.

…and I went back and read the post for the day when the deputy did offer to give me permanent work if he could.  Obviously, he doesn’t yet know if he can.  He didn’t need to tell me he thought I was great but he did anyway.  That’s not changed and I have to wait it out.


My class were feral today.  The school hoe-down was last night and they were all ou of their trees today.  They are sooooo tired.  I’m so glad that we bailed and I decided not to take K&H because of the late night.

Still – nobody poked an eye out so all’s well that ends well (can I mix metaphors or what!)

So here I am again.

Plodding on.

Missing you.

Loving you.

Even when you are being a cheeky bastard.