263 days…

Today was OK.

Good even.

The tears only emerged at a few odd moments. but stayed in check for most of the day.

My class were  great all day. My last day in that room this year.  I hope I’ve made a difference to the maths understandings of a couple of students and improved their general science knowledge if nothing else….  AND  at no point did I resort to mindless computer games as a substitute for my special-ed kids.  They stopped asking for screen time after the second week….


Some whispers on the job front …. the literacy coach has asked the boss to see if I can be on literacy support next year which would be fantastic.  As she pointed out, they can’t argue with the figures: reading score stanines improved markedly for every class I worked in this year (and not in the ones I didn’t work in). The program  is still up to the curriculum leader and principal to approve though and they are being very cagey even now.  Fingers crossed.

Also – today was D’s last day at the school.  She has been a great mentor for me to have this year.  It was very sad to see her go.  I take on her boys for the next 3 weeks of school.

Dad is still waiting on the follow-up blood test on his cancer markers though.  They couldn’t do it today as he still had dye from Wednesday’s scan in his blood.

That’s about it for today.

Very perfunctory I know, but at least I am not crying all the time …

I miss you.

I love you.