264 days….

What’s my favourite cure for the blues?

That’s right – shopping.

It was hectic but the lovely J took the kids for the day so Mum and I could tackle the Christmas shopping.

It’s now mostly done …. partly because I really didn’t have that many presents to get.

I also got heaps of crafty stuff which they’ll like doing in the holidays.

Mum and I had a lovely relaxed lunch together which we haven’t had the chance to do in months.


I got home to aq debacle involving the chooks and the bloody dogs across the road ….  mongrels had them bailed up.  one of the girls was lost for a while and I couldnt’ find her anywhere, suspected the worst, but she came back at dusk.  I’ll keep them locked up tomorrow.

and I’ve called the council.  again.  The mongrel dogs came out growling and barking at me again While The Owner Looked On. The pup looks very mangy though so perhaps I should call the RSPCA instead.  Hopefully the can do more than the useless council.

I wonder if the owner would be so arrogant if you were here.


I’m exhausted tonight though – weeks of waking at 4-4:30 am have taken their toll.  I really should try to hit the hay before 10 pm but I always fail at that too – but I’m going to try tonight.