266 days….


Why the hell did I say I’d take the boys for the last 3 weeks of school?  I just had the other year 3s behaving and working well and then I volunteer to go back to the boys?

What is wrong with me?

I guess the fact that I’m the one that D and P trust to have them helps.

But the little buggers put on a star performance today…. within the first 5 minutes … BEFORE more than about 7 boys had arrived….. I had an issue with one of them stealing the worksheets and hiding them.

His main problem was that a) there were only a few boys inside at the time and b) none of the others were smart enough … nor sneaky enough to pull this off.

I recovered the sheets and they did work, but I came down hard on their behaviour today.  One was in buddy class for about 2 hours and the deputy came and put the fear of God into the rest of them.

They are lovely boys but Oh My God can they try it on.

I ended up reminding them that they already knew I wasn’t going to put up with their poor behaviour, so it really wasn’t worth their time trying to misbehave ….  and this seemed to work for some of them.

They really are beautiful kids but the behaviour of some of them is off the scale.

I should have them working well just in time for the Christmas break.


Our kids are a bit fractious tonight too.  K had an excursion to the beachfront today.  They were supposed to be traveling to and from the boardwalk in parent’s cars.  I was very clear that I didn’t want K hopping in anyone’s car and she was only to travel by bus but she still ended up having at least one trip in a car.

Not Happy.

I’m just a little bit sensitive about who is driving my people anywhere these days.  I hope you understand.

In my dark moments when I wonder if life could get any worse I think about something happening to my kids and that would definitely be worse.

A lot worse.

Unsurvivably worse.

So I am really not happy about my kids traveling in the cars of people who may or may not have a clue how to drive (which in my view is at least half the road users in this state).


I miss you.

So very much.

I love you.