269 days.

Well I’m tired.

really tired.

Yesterday I wrote November 14 when I meant November 24 and today I wrote November 35.

This is what happens after a month of an average of 4 hours sleep…. and two days in a row of waking up before 3am.

This morning, it was 1:15am.  I *tried* to go back to sleep, I really did.  but I just couldn’t.

I can fall asleep at night OK, but that little bit of rest is enough to fuel my mind … and not even about the fact that you side of the bed is empty because there is a voice in my head that refuses to let me think about you in the wee small hours.

So I went to the Doc and I have a short-term script for sleeping tablets.

that I can’t start until tomorrow night as there’s no way of knowing how they will affect me.

So for tonight, I toss the homeopathic crap that I tried before, and try valerian.

Fingers crossed.

Help me sleep.


I love you.