270 days…

I ended up having a quarter of a sleeping tablet at 2:30am …after tossing and turning for 2 hours I figured that I would be useless without SOME sleep anyway.

It worked OK : I got some extra sleep.

I needed it – the boys were feral today.

Not boys: just one boy.

As it turns out, he is apparently medicated at home and Mum is a bit forgetful with the ADHD meds … and it SHOWS.  He just couldn’t keep it together for even a minute at a time.  Just not possible.

Still, we made it through the day.


Oh – and I was told some gossip today which is probably true and explains a lot about the deputy and his little habit of fucking with me wrt to work next year.  My opinion of him has dramatically slipped.

Explains a lot of crap that’s been going on though.

It just makes me even shittier that it was you that got hit with the SMITE button that day when the arseholes of the world abound.

It’s just not fucking fair.


I’m off to bed soon – I just spent 45 minutes consoling H – he just misses you so much and it’s all I can do to hold him and talk about all his memories of you.

I reiterate: it’s just not fucking fair.

You were a rare breed – a good bloke.  I’m discovering just how very rare good blokes are….

I miss you.

I love you.