271 days…

I’m still just so tired.

I was coasting along until two weeks ago when life suddenly started to slide.  I don’t know what triggered it.

Am I worried about Christmas?? Well yes but no – it will suck.  There’s nothing I can do to change that.

I wonder if this is why you let me find ou stone this morning.

I cleaned out the drawer I keep my “jewelry” in …. mostly old glasses prescriptions and watches that have died … and I found the stone.

Our Stone.

The stone you slipped into the pocket of my jeans in 1993.

The stone that we continued to hide in each other’s clothing, bags, shoes, cars drawers etc for the next 17 years.

Nothing in that drawer of baubles is worth as much to me as that stone.

This stone.
our stone on 365 Project

Thank you for showing it to me today.  I know you see me and I’m sorry I am so sad.  I hate that I hurt you with my grief.

But thank you for revealing yourself to me yet again today.

I miss you.

I love you.