272 days….

Firstly, can I say that I. Got. Sleep. Last. Night….. and I felt much better today.


Let’s repeat the performance tonight. please.  I’ll need good sleep to get through another two weeks of  “the boys”.


My spirits were lifted by a special visitor this afternoon.

This lady is someone who graciously donated her photography / Photoshop skills in editing a good photo of you for the funeral.

This lady is someone with a heart as big as a country mile.

This lady is beautiful, awesome, talented and *smart*.

This lady is my friend.

It did my heart good to meet her in the flesh today.  ….to see someone who’s known hardship themselves and who took time out of a hectic schedule to come and visit me.

Would that we have all met under happier circumstances … but I’m still so glad to have come to know this remarkable lady.

…and you know what?  you would have loved her too.

When you first died, I asked you to keep putting people in front of me that I needed to see, and I see that you haven’t stopped that task.

Thank you.

I miss you.

I love you.