273 days….

Back at school today and I can tell you that decent sleep makes all the difference with how bad I find the boys.

We went to a friend / parent’s house for afternoon tea today.  You know Bs – K’s friend from school…. her family hosts an afternoon tea party for their teachers each year and since I taught their son H this year, I was invited.

The kids frolicked in the pool under the watchful eye of Bs father, whilst the women were treated to finger sandwiches, salmon and cream cheese pikelets,  mini carrot cakes, and white rocky road.  Very fancy.

It is nice to be appreciated.

Just as I appreciate Bs’ Mum L who has really helped me get through this difficult year…. she was the person who saw me struggle to walk the kids through the school gate for the first time after you died, and she quietly held my hand and led us all in, me sobbing the whole way.

I am coming to realise that there are some wonderful people who are happy to help me take the next step (breath) and keep me going.

I miss you.

I love you.