274 days….

Tired. Poor sleep again last night.

Apparently I got too cocky.

Thankfully today went smoothly – swimming carnival in the morning (so proud of our kids who had a go at everything) and I was left with 10 boys for a very peaceful afternoon.

The reason for this is that I twigged that young J had not had his ADHD meds within 2 seconds of him entering the classroom.  I asked him if he’d had them. “I can’t remember” = no.

So I rang his Mum and asked her. She couldn’t remember. I asked her to check and got a very curt  “I’m at work”.  So I said, “Well then you may have to come and collect him as he Can Not Learn Anything When He’s Like This”.

Grandma appeared with the skipped tablet within 10 minutes and the poor lad turned from a frustrated, angry, jumpy, *dangerous* (to both himself and others) kid into a courteous, thoughtful, calm and composed boy, ready to listen and learn within 15 minutes.


Let’s hope that Mum remembers to give him his tablet tomorrow instead of skipping a few every week to save a bit of money.


I am off to bed.

I should be ringing the neighbours back because they want a document signed but I am too tired to deal with that tonight (we got home at 8pm).

I miss you.

I love you.