275 days…

9 calendar months….


I am so tired tonight I could fall asleep at the keyboard.

I did sleep last night … well in patches but I still made it to 4:30am which is passable.

Luckily the boys were beautiful today… but I won’t jinx it too much because they could just as easily be foul tomorrow.

J was definitely medicated when he got to school today ….. surprisingly enough.

They wrote Christmas letters and outdid each other in what they wanted Santa to bring *me*.  Apparently I am due a lot of money, quite a few diamond and gold rings as well as an overseas holiday in a private jet with $1M spending money.  Oh and I get to ride around in a pink Hummer.



H went on an excursion to the city today to visit the big tree and see Santa.

He had a fab day but got drenched on the way home as the heavens opened up and we had *a lot* of heavy  rain.

He has also just produced his booty for the day …. a sleeping mask he conned out of some hawker which has an ad for blind dating on it (“My Mummy can’t sleep and needs a mask please Mr”  – lucky he can’t read the slogan on it) and a huge Christmas stocking care of DJs in the city.

…and you know what?  I am going to try out that sleeping mask very soon as I am ready for bed at 8pm.

I miss you.

I love you.


PS – I have been a bit teary again today.  It’s officially Christmas season and I am dreading it.

PPS – some very nice blog buddies wrote some very nice things about me today, and  let me win a DVD for the kids.  I am feeling very loved right now – thank you.