276 days….

Boys were OK today.  Not fabulous, just OK.

I did manage a parent – teacher interview with K’s teacher at lunch time …. it seems that she is by far the most consistent writer in her class (even using brackets properly).  She apparently has no problems in an academic area and is a stellar student.

I know this already, but it was nice to be told.

I think her class for next year is mostly sorted and it’s looking like H will be with his friends in a 1/2 composite which should provide the extension that the guidance officer said he would need.

I guess I should be thankful that our kids are wonderful.  I just wish I had more patience with them sometimes…..

I yelled a them tonight, not because of anything they did, but because Helstra mucked me around again.  It’s sorted now but I am sick of it.

Also because G&T STILL hadn’t changed the rates billing address for the farm over to them and I got another $1500 rates notice…. so *I* rang the council and had them change the address over and issue another rates notice.

No way am I paying rates on that place.

… I must get onto the contact that special visitor gave me … it really sounds like a way to bow out of the farm without causing a major headache all around.


I am really only just coping at the moment – still.

I’m better than I’ve been for the past few weeks due to getting some sleep, but the reality of *forever* has hit hard.

…and it’s all selfish: I just want you to come home for ME.

I want my husband back.

I want the person who laughed with me, argued with me, agreed with me, was interested in the same things as me … the person who *got* me.

You know how we would always know what the other person was thinking??  I really miss that.  So much.

Nobody gets me like you do.

...and I just glanced at the clock at exactly 9:11 pm … how do you DO that to me all the time??  I do like it – I take it as a sign you can hear me.

I miss you so much it’s an ache in my bones.

It’s a crushing blow that halts my breath and bows me down to the ground.

It’s physical and it hurts and it will never go away.

I love you.