279 days….

It’s been raining.

A lot.

and the sump pump cannot keep up with the water flowing into it.

I have restarted the siphon.

and after a lot of confusion, I rang Andrew and just asked him to come and put the big drain in ASAP.

I am so sick of this extra shite that I have to deal with.

…and if this is your way of stopping me from dwelling on what other people think of me, please find a kinder way!

Tomorrow is the last Monday of the school year.  I just have a few boys that need to finish their letters to Santa and their Christmas cards and craft, then Tuesday is variety performance day followed by a swim.  The Wednesday is really pack up all the kid’s stuff day, Thursday is party day and Friday is clean-up day.

Then it’s 6 weeks of holidays.  Blissful holidays.  and I am really looking forward to having some time off.  and I will get some pay at least despite not officially having a contract next year (but unofficially I do).

I miss you so much right now.  I find myself bowed down in grief a few times each day.  Bent double.  Forced to the ground.

I love you so much.