280 days…

Another eventful day with me waking to find termites wandering around the kitchen floor.

I must have been baaaaad in my past life.

On the up side Andy K came and had a look at the water problem.  I’d forgotten that he is a civil engineer who specialises in foundations 🙂

He has assured me that the water will flow and things will get wet but the foundations are OK.

He is going to ring some colleagues to ask a few more questions, but he agreed with Andrew J that a drain and a deck will sort most of the problem.

So now I just have to wait for Andrew to dig the drain and I’ve decided to just PAY someone to build the back deck as I’ve been waiting for your  family’s help since you died (not that P wouldnt do it, but it’s all so disjointed and hard for him to get to).

Oh – and the bloke I rang about te termites was great – he calmed me down and said that he’d fielded many calls today and that they wer on the move and more than likely, they’d flown in to my house (as opposed to crawled out of the woodwork they’d decimated).

Seriously though – is this you way of stopping me from moping?

It has worked … oddly enough.  I’m at the point that I am laughing at my own amount of misfortune.  I mean SERIOUSLY … how is it that THIS MUCH shit has fallen on me this year.

But the real reason has nothing to do with me….

Dad got his cancer results back today.

While we waited for them, I realised that I can throw money at all my current problems and they will go away (well, except the dead-husband problem…. that one looks like it’s not fixable).

You can’t really just throw money at cancer and get the same result.

So maybe I’m feeling so upbeat because the results of the second test were 14 and not 57 like they were the time before.  This is basically nothing to worry about for Dad.

So I realise that I just get to keep plodding onwards.

I have no choice.

I miss you.

I love you.


PS – one of the women I work with hugged me today when I told her about the termites.  She said that I was her hero and she is still astounded how I’m not curled up in the fetal position.

I really do work with some nice people.