281 days….

Well, the garage has water all through it.  The only saving grace is that the water is pure, pristine, not-muddied … just wet.  As are the walls and all the tools stored on the floor.

Andrew will come and dig a drain I know, but I was in deep despair this afternoon knowing that even if I spent the next 5 hours cleaning up the mess, nothing would change because the water would still be seeping in.

So I left it.

And I asked you to help me.

And lo and behold, you did.

GC rang tonight.   He got the urgency in my message about the garage and the water and he’s coming down tomorrow (all things being equal).  Even if he doesn’t make it, at least he realises that I need his help …. I know he’s been busy but he hasn’t been down since July and there’s still a mountain of work to do to clear away all your accumulated shite.


Also – D from your work rang today … the boss got him to ring me (G must be scared of me) and ask if I’d come to their Xmas party and present the award in your name.

I said it was nice to be asked but a) it’s hard for me to go out at night without Mum having the kids overnight … which I only want to do when absolutely necessary and b) it’s on a boat cruise for 4 hours with drunk people I barely know who’ll be looking at me, getting drunker, and getting ever more morbid about the elephant in the room – your absence will be noted.

So no.  Thanks but no.

….and your workmate D misses both you and J very much.  D is good people.  Oh and he said he’d help me check out a newer car when I need one and he’d keep his eyes out for a good one.

I know I am meant to ask when I need help but it is truly coming from the strangest places … and I am grateful.


I’m so tired, but I feel better tonight knowing that the house won’t fall down, that help is on its way and that you must have heard me begging you to fix this for me.

I miss you.

I love you.

You beautiful, beautiful man.