282 days….

Well, the cavalry came today.

While I was at work, GC came down and cleaned out the garage.  He’s only just left.

Water is still flowing in, but now there’s nothing to go mouldy.  It will flow through until I can get Andrew to put in the drain.

Oh – and Bruce  rang as well – he’d asked his Dad about a plan and everyone agrees the drain plus deck should fix most of the probs.

I am exhausted now though….

Two. More. Days ‘Til. Holidays.


My heart has been put through the ringer today …. I drove home to find your car in the yard and your brother looking very like you from my vantage point pulling into the driveway.

For a millisecond I had a wave of relief in thinking you were finally home.

Cuts my heart like a knife when I realised that it wasn’t you.

Could never be you.

Then, when GC put your car away, K just cried and cried.

She so badly wanted to rush downstairs and welcome you home from work.

Oh God, but this is so hard.


I miss you beyond breath.  Doubled over. Gasping with the physical pain.

I love you.