283 days….

It was party day at school today.

The boys were feral.  I mean FERAL.

and most of them are coming back tomorrow.

Nobody else has many kids coming back to school for clean-up day … except me.

and I have very little to clean up.

So I am going to have to entertain them with NO resources.

We’ll do lots of running games.

Lots of them.

and then we’ll do some more.



H “graduated” from Prep this morning.  Mum went along and said it was very cute.

I got his report folio – he’s a bright little bugger and would do better if he occasionally did as he was asked to.

Did I mention that K got her report card yesterday.  Stellar.  Absolutely stellar.  Very Highs for everything except PE and the art where she only got Highs.

She is a brain I tells ya.  and I now claim ALL of that brain.  You can claim her lovely hair and long legs.


I am so tired – it’s 7:30 pm and I am going to bed.


I miss you.

I love you.