284 days….

The school year is finished.  Huzzah!

Only 7 boys turned up.

One of them was actually willing to clean -up.

The others were easily distracted by a cleaning cloth and some water.

Room cleaned.

Christmas lunched.

Secret Santa’d.  (yay – Jacob’s creek pinot noir chardonnay 🙂

Called the deputy  on behaving like  a complete gobshite.

and did it in front of the principal and she backed me up.

subtly of course……

During Christmas lunch today, P (deputy) decided to hand out class lists for next year (’cause that’s an excellent way to ruin everyone’s fun and make them think about work again).

So I asked him if I could find out where K and H were for next year (I already had a fairly good idea, but with all the movements of students in and out of class lists, I wanted to be sure).

He said a curt “no” and turned his back on me.

So I went to the teachers who I was fairly sure would have them and checked their class lists.

Then, to prove a point, I asked the principal to let me know where K&H were as she was passing P’s office.

She ducked her head in and said “Tell Amanda where her kids are next year please” …..

and of course I had to add to that with:

“My kids have enough uncertainty in their lives already.  I’d like to be able to give them something stable to hang on to for next year”.

Very Quick turnaround in Mr Grumble-Bum’s attitude and he let me know their placements (all good).

Yes I am living dangerously without a solid contract for next year but I am pretty sure I have my old job back next year anyway.

I will admit that he was very stressed and just about every other teacher has been in his face about the lists today, but still … he’s getting paid big bucks to do the same job as my beautiful L at her school …. and can you ever imagine L speaking to anyone so rudely??

I am going to chalk this one up to stress though…

So really, the day turned out quite well, all things considered.


and then I arrived home to find Andrew in the driveway, ready to work out what he needed to do to put the drain in.

He stayed and had dinner with us at Mum and Dad’s place.

…and he does have a way of making me feel good about myself without being remotely sleazy.

So I am feeling quite chipper tonight.

All things considered.

I miss you.

I love you more.