285 days….

Graeme E from your work visited today.  It was nice that he came.

It was also nice that he was here when the freakiest storm hit us.

I swear we must have had well over 100 mm of rain in a couple of hours of ceaseless downpour.

This was torrential rain.

The retaining walls turned into water falls and the driveway was set upon set of rapids.

I can’t wait for that lot to soak into the ground and flood the garage.

That reminds me – I best go and check that the pump can keep up.

Alright … back now.

I have just swept as much water from the garage as I can.  It’s now covering the floor on your side of the garage.  This is OK as that side doesn’t have anything that can’t be wet.

Please don’t let it get into the other side.


Pull some strings somewhere please.

The Universe owes me big time, dammit.

I am so tired.

and every time I see you picture my heart just goes “oh there he is” for a second.

I just want to hug you.


for a long time.


never, ever leave me.

I love you.