287 days…

I’m exhausted but I feel that progress has been made today.

For a start, it was sunny all day which meant the volume of water flowing through the garage has reduced.

The lawn’s been mown, I’ve restarted the siphon so the pump isn’t running 24/7, some young Irish blokes came to check the installation of the insulation ….

and tomorrow (touch wood), Andrew is coming to begin work on the drain.

He’ll cut the concrete where it needs cutting and check the fall with a plumber.

The excavator should be here on Wednesday to dig the trench.

So for Christmas, I am getting a very expensive hole in the ground.

and I’m not complaining if it means the garage will stop flooding and the mud pit is gone.


…and all this bloody physical labour better mean that I lose some weight this week.  By rights, I should currently at least improve the tone of my upper arms.  YES (I can hear you laughing) I do actually have arm muscles.

I’ve even got blisters on my hands from all the sweeping.

I miss you.  You were one of a kind.

I love you.