288 days….

Mum and I took the kids Christmas shopping today.

I had envisioned the hell that is a major shopping centre at Christmas time, but it was OK.

I ran into P (deputy) who was in a far better mood that last Friday, and also to one of my favourite aides who always makes me laugh.

I’m nearly done with the Christmas shopping  – most of your family are getting chocolates and a photo of us.  Seems only fair since we have been given more framed photos of your nieces and nephews than we have of our own kids …. when is it OK to start reusing the frames for OUR kids??  Seriously, there’s only so much room on top of the piano, and call me biased but I prefer photos of our kids to another “look at me in a cheer-leaders outfit” photo of your brother’s daughter.

Andrew came and cut the concrete this afternoon.  The excavator should be here tomorrow.

I also had another psych appointment … which had some debacle when the receptionist told me my appointment had been cancelled.

Pahuh? No – I confirmed it. with this e-mail:

I can make it, but Dr E was going to send Dr W another referral.  So – I don’t have the new referral letter.

I would think that was a pretty clear indication that I wasn’t cancelling the appointment.

So I pretty much gave the impression that I wasn’t moving … and was prepared to tell her to phone the other person back and tell them they’d made a mistake and to reschedule them instead.

But Dr W to the rescue.  We had a quick visit anyway because she is awesome like that ….and she’s given me some more things to help me through the holidays.

I told her about the misery of the last month and she was impressed at how I’ve managed to drag myself through.

She’s also suggested that I stop the sleeping tablets now that I’m on holidays which I’ve already done 2 days ago.

AND that I watch as many weepy movies as I like.  I *knew* a good cry would be good for me and she agreed.  So I am going to watch”PS I love You” and “The Notebook” and any other weepy movie I want to watch.


OK – tired now.  Need sleep.

So glad that my current problems are starting to be fixed.  Please tell God not to send any more shit my way for a looooong while.

I miss you.

I love you.