289 days….

What a complete shit of a day.

The excavator turned up to dig the drain.

Then it wouldn’t work.

Which was a good thing because while Dennis the excavator operator was waiting he asked me about my fire ant permit to dig.

Not to remove soil, but to dig it.

It seems I need a permit when doing anything more than repotting a plant.

Because our State government cut the funding to this biosecurity project.

So the upshot is that the DPI are coming to do an inspection and issue a permit today and the excavator has been rebooked for next week.

So I did a little baking diversion therapy with the kids – the ginger bread cookies were a hit.  (Do we own a rolling-pin?  I thought we did but apparently no  … will go buy one because these bikkies were yummy)

Then this happened:

We only got ~29 mm of rain this time but with strong wind and hail.

The other big stag horn is not down and the neighbour’s awning is in shreds.

Then we lost power for 6 hours and I couldn’t make dinner.

or write you a letter.

So we went to bed early.

But the sun is shining this morning and the misery of yesterday is behind me.

I miss you so much.  Especially when I can’t fix things that you could easily fix. (Remember that we used to joke that I married you because you picked me and because you fixed stuff? …. truer than I ever knew!!)

and I miss having you here to hold me after a hard day.

I love you.