290 days…

Another day, another storm (or two).

We still have power (although now that I’ve written that it’s sure to go).

We had a storm at lunch time … I was half way through Christmas shopping and moving on to get the groceries when I glanced outside.

We came straight home.

Day turned to night and we were hit again, although not as badly as yesterday.

On the plus side, the yard was inspected for fire ants this morning – surprise surprise, there were none. … and the inspection was free (thank goodness).

I confirmed that the drain should go in on Monday / Tuesday next week with Andrew.

I know where to dump the soil and the cheapest place to get gravel.

Now if only the rain could hold off for another week I’d be OK.

Because I’m really not OK.

I’m not good at all this stuff without you.  I never was good at storms.  You were the one who loved them.

I miss you.

I love you.