295 days….

Well… I now have a very expensive drain.  It will cost me thousands (latest count, about $7K!) , but… the garage is drying out.

…and hey – all that superannuation money and death benefit  that I thought about spending on updating the car??? Well it’s buried in the backyard instead with only mud and a couple of IO points to mark it out.

BUT we have a low pressure system off the coast expected to bring between 300-500mm of rain in the next week and the same amount the following week.

Lets hope this works.

If it works, I won’t complain about the cost again.
drain on 365 Project

Mum and I took the kids on a bus trip to see Christmas lights last night.  Interesting experience but the kids loved it.

Unfortunately, H and I were sat in front of the stupidest-yet-most-opinionated woman in Queensland.
Who had a smokers cough.
and sang Christmas carols very loudly, yet a quarter tone off-key.
next to her 50 yo boyfriend who was even dumber, yet eager for some loving in the back of the bus (but thank goodness the Nana sitting next to them told them off!).

She treated us to such opinions as:
There’s no rhyme or reason to putting THOSE pink lights there.
Why would you put PINK lights in a display.
Oh that one looks terrible – if you don’t have the product, don’t’ stick the crap in your yard

I’m sitting there thinking that some people like pink lights and HELLO! Christmas lights are dinky and kitsch but that is why we love them

But then our wonderful, 6 yo H said one of the rudest, yet funniest things ever….

She was loudly wondering (as is her want) about “How they get the lights to work on that tree because there’s no power lead”.

H: “Because its SOLAR POWERED you silly lady”.


Out of the mouths of babes.

We all miss you so.

How will I spend Christmas without my best friend at my side?

I love you.