297 days….

I must try to write to you before I get so tired…..

I’ve been going al day, but can’t see what I’ve actually done.  I start doing a job that needs doing only to have to race to do other urgent things that I didn’t think about.

But at least the garage is drying out.

There is still water there, but subsiding to all but nothing.

It feels good to know that the house has stopped being inundated by water.

But I feel flat.

I just want to go back to “normal” now …. but I can’t.


Poor K was given a diary yesterday … she wrote you a letter telling you that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was for you to come back and be next to her when she woke up.


There is no fix for this.

My sun and moon shone out of you and it’s like I’m walking around in the cold and dark.

and I’m tired.

So tired.

and teary.  … you are not here doing what you should be doing.  You are not winding me up about going to the farm for a week.  You are not laughing at me when I do something stupid (like fall in the mud).

You are not here.

and I miss you/

and love you beyond breath.