302 days….

Another day when we stayed indoors to escape the vile weather.

The kids are getting really bored – they can’t ride their scooter anywhere as even the garage has water through it again (although I am now convinced that this water is from under where the deck will be – fingers crossed).

I am also having conniptions about the amount of money flowing out of this house right now – drain and deck to make the house stop flooding  Will Not Be Cheap AND the upcoming blood money estate payout to two of your sisters for the family farm which remains my duty to discharge under both your mother’s and your own will (I really must get onto an estate planner and get this organised for 2015 when I hope to be free of the place …. not what you wanted to hear, but what use is it to us now?).

Not to mention the fact that the 16-year-old car needs replacing.

All while I’m only getting partial pay for these holidays.


It just has to be and I need to get used to that.

I miss you so much right now.  Even if we were to argue about this, at least the decision would not be mine alone to make.

I love you.