304 days…

and what a beautiful day.

The sun shone all day long and we enjoyed it.

It’s amazing how sunny weather can brighten a mood!

It also meant we could get out of the house and go play down at the beach front.  I packed the kids scooters and helmets and we, along with every other person who lives in this area , had a fantastic time playing at the beach in the sun.

Meanwhile, the rest of the state is flooding.  Quite spectacularly so … I’ve been lucky enough to see loads of pictures from another wonderful blogger – the one that visited us a few weeks ago…

It made me homesick for the farm in a strange way…. I mean, I’d HATE being flooded in there, but at the same time, it’s so very interesting … well interesting while the house is dry and the septic tank not overflowing….

You were always so excited by  flood.  You had a million stories about floods….

Like when you and your father chopped a mark high in a gum tree marking the level of the 1974 floods.

Or the time when you were older and knew that there was a flood coming down the creek …  your parents must have been in town at the time so you took the Fordson down to the creek to rescue the irrigation pump …. only to get bogged with water rising around you.  How thankful you were to hear your Dad chugging down with another tractor to pull everyone off the bank and onto higher ground.

You had the memory of an elephant for anything farm-related.

I miss that.

I love you