307 days….

I felt energised today.

This may be because the sun was out and I spent most of the day in the garden.  I did the horrible job of dismantling and cleaning out the chook cage in the morning … letting today’s glorious sunshine dry it all out before Mum helped me dust the coop, nesting boxes and all the hens with poultry dust – poor things have had mites!

I also cleaned out a lot of toys and books  for the charity bin.  Somehow, thinking that a lot of our stuff could be going to someone who’s house has been flooded made it easier  to part with things.

…and also to find treasures that we’d never give away….

…. I found a Mother’s Day card from 2006 where you’d written inside and K had drawn the most amazing picture for a 3.5 yo depicting herself and H looking in to a pool of water with their exact, mirrored reflections staring back….. and you beautiful words from Kate including “I love you soooooo much”.  It was a treasure to find this today.

thank you.

It’s a bit like how I found that perfect lightweight camera tripod in the cupboard on Christmas morning….

A tripod I had no idea we had.
A tripod like the one I keep thinking to buy for my camera so I can take decent night shots.
A tripod that appeared in my hands on Christmas morning like a gift from you.



Just like you.

I miss you.

I love you.