312 days…

more rain.

more water.

I think my ability to cope with widowhood is directly correlated with the weather … and negatively correlated with how many times a day I have to sweep water out of the garage.

I. Am. Over. It.

Coping with widowhood with two small children is hard enough … but coping with this insidious, creeping water that steals in and destroys walls and goods????

Pure Misery.

I got a quote today for the deck….. Holy Smokes it’s double what I thought it would cost.

I’ve got another quote due next week and then to get my friend’s builder-husband to quote.


….and today I’m right back at disbelief that you are gone.


We were just laughing about something five minutes ago….

and yet you’ve been dead 10 months???

How can this be?

My life, my soul mate, my love….I miss you so much,