313 days…

I suspect there is some serious flooding going on at the farm … I haven’t been able to get onto GC to find out…. but considering that there was 304mm (12 inches) of rain at a nearby recording station last night and the creek and river are both up already, my money is on some fairly extensive water views.

I doubt the house is under, but you remember the 1974 flood so would have a better idea than me.

I just checked the weather bureau … the creek had just kissed major flooding levels upstream and is 4m over major flooding levels downstream after the creek meets the river.

So I’m guessing the flats are under and the gullies backed up.  I hope the house and sheds are OK.

Meanwhile, I continue to sweep water from under our house and despair that we will ever be dry again.

It’s just miserable and tiring, and draining (pun totally intended).


I saw a lady called Rochelle on the news.  She and her three kids were evacuated from their home in Rockhampton.

Then the announcer said that Rochelle is a widow.

My heart just dropped and I wept.

While I’ve donated to the flood appeal, I wish I knew this lady’s details as I’d like to donate something directly to her and her kids.

Widowhood should protect us from other catastrophes.


Last night I had a bit of a cry (what’s new?) and asked God to take the burden from me….. all I can say is that I slept well and there wasn’t much rain last night.

Maybe he does hear me.

Maybe he is a giant punching bag, letting me vent my anger at him because there is really nobody else to blame.

I hate feeling so unsure of things I used to be so sure of.

I miss you.

I love you.