314 days….

Well, the farm is over 70% under.  I’m hoping it doesn’t reach the house paddock. GC had to get out to move some cows trapped in a low paddock and may yet have to swim them up to the house paddock.

This shit is not fun.


B&J came today – a fabulous visit where B did lots of blokey jobs around the house.  Seriously, he was finding things to fix just like you would.

It was so nice to have them done so easily when these jobs would have made me really struggle.

But he still couldn’t figure out the garage door emergency release….. so I still need help with that one.

The phone has been out again today.  At least I haven’t had to argue with Helstra this time … apparently it’s a known problem.

Mind you, according to the robot lady on the help line, it should have been fixed by now.

Is it ironic that today is the first day in a long time when I’ve wanted to phone anyone other than Mum??

I am weepy all the time right now.  The stress of the groundwater isn’t helping I suppose.

But there are moments of joy too.

I just wish you were here.  I’d feel less lost if you were here to help me.  We had such complementary abilities, it’s like I am only able to use half of my brain and also not be able to use my right arm.

I was so proud to be your wife, you amazingly beautiful man.

I miss you.

I love you.