315 days….

Shocking scenes in Toowoomba today.  Our old friend Kate watched as a dry cleaner’s van was washed away from its parking spot right next to the building where she works.

The water rose so quickly that streets turned into raging torrents within minutes.  It’s been described as an inland tsunami.

Scarier still were the images of people stranded on their roofs as swirling, raging muddy, flood waters tore at their houses.  Helicopters have performed 43 roof-top rescues.

and at least four people were killed.  Six others are missing.  The police hold grave concerns.  Two of the people killed were a mother and son who were apparently washed from their home.

Brisbane is on flood alert with the dam …  the dam built for flood mitigation … sits at 144.3%…. having rising by 44% in the past few days!

Our house should be above flood levels.  I’ve always assumed it is, but, as luck would have it, the council’s website WITH the flood maps has been down all day.

…but we are to expect the flood peak on Wednesday.


This is all just so desperately sad, scary and unending.


and I just read of another blogger who has joined this bloody awful club today.  I didn’t follow her blog at all, but the blogging community to which I loosely associate with have been supporting her as she weathered the terrible, shaky days at the hospital…

….but the prayers of the bloggers fell on deaf ears:  God didn’t save her husband, just like he didn’t save you.  I don’t think He does much about prayers screamed at him through desperate mouths, pleading with him: “please let him be OK”.


I am a mess tonight.  I’m lonely.  I’m sad.   I’m scared.

I don’t know  how to do this by myself.

I need you.

I love you.