319 days….

Well …. the office is still a mess.

I just couldn’t face it today, and since the sun is shining and we all had cabin fever, I packed us off to the water-front for some sun, air, scootering, play-grounding and morning tea.

There weren’t many people at the beach, but I guess holidays are over for most families and frankly, the dirty, muddy water wasn’t very inviting.  The mud plume from the flood stretches across the bay.

It felt quite fraudulent actually – parts of the city are in ruin, yet we wouldn’t know anything was amiss if it weren’t for the horror stories on the news.

But I’ve had to look away from those stories.  …. I can’t bear it any more.


I will go back into the office tomorrow and finish clearing it out.  I think I’ve done the worst of it (but ever time I’ve thought that, I find another punch in the guts waiting when I pull out another old photograph or drawing.

…but I had another memory to share with the kids tonight….

I told them about how you’d always fall asleep on the couch or the floor at my parents house.  Always.

One night, you had fallen asleep on the floor when a gigantic huntsman spider started creeping into the room.  It got a fright, spied the long, dark tunnel created by the trouser leg of your black jeans … and promptly scuttled across the floor making for its refuge.

We managed to wake you in time, but you leapt up just in time.

I always thought it funny that you really didn’t like spiders, whereas I can cope with them.  But toads, man, they would freak me out and you’d have to remove them while I quivered in the corner.



God I miss you.

I love you to your core.