320 days….

One of your father’s cousins has been phoning me and sending me information on the family tree.

Yesterday, he sent a bunch of oooold family photos from your Scottish ancestors (I always knew you were part Scot – soooo careful with money!)

Can I just say that you come from Very Handsome stock:

(rellie in question)

I am gob-smacked at the similarities between you and your Dad’s Scottish ancestors.

This bloke’s father is a dead ringer for your Dad.  Very Distinguished!


I found a few more photos of you today … one of you jumping off a bridge in NZ.  Apparently it’s all the rage there (!?)

….and a birthday card you gave me with this quote: “It might be undie-pants”.

That was our standard joke for all presents ever since tiny K, aged 2 helped me wrap some jocks and socks for your birthday and didn’t get the concept that YOU didn’t know what was in the parcel and she kept telling you that you’d “get a (sur)prise Daddy, and it might be undie-pants”.

We cracked each other up with that line for every present after that.

I miss you and your sense of humour.

You saw the cuteness in the kids like I do.

I love you.