324 days…

Back at work.

It took all day and the deputy (now acting principal) grabbed me when I came in and was al “opportunities abound, come see me later today) and then he studiously avoided me all day.

thankfully I ended up seeing the head of curriculum who confirmed me for literacy support.  It doesn’t start until week 2 which is kind of nice …. a kid-free week for me!

Mind you, I’ll still have to go in tomorrow and will now be unpaid, but that’s PD for you.


I made the mistake of watching the news again tonight.

More flood drama (the media milk it).

But it got me.  They showed the beautiful speech made by the father of  Jordan Rice about his love for both his son and his wife.

Very brave family.

…and he reminded me a little of you.  I wondered if I had been the one to die and you had to keep living, whether you would have said similar words.

I couldn’t speak at your funeral.  I couldn’t even open my mouth without howling.  I suspect you may have been the same.


I miss you beyond the telling of it.

I love you even more.