325 days….

Another unpaid day at work, but at least I have a handle on what I’m doing this term.

Plus I earned brownie points.

and I made sure I am working with my favourite aide (after cajoling her into believing that the year 7s will be alright as they aren’t as awful as last year’s 7s).

K and I (K is the literacy support teacher for lower school) have agreed that we will happily team teach if numbers go up on Day 8.  We told P (acting principal) today and he was all “you two are our top priorities this year and opportunities abound”.


I’ve learnt my lesson … I’ll believe it when I see it.

On the up side … this time K and I can act as witnesses for each other wrt to P’s promises.

This afternoon, Terry serviced my car and replaced the brake pads.  I paid him for his trouble, but it feels like *somebody* is finally helping me with the stuff that I have no idea about.  He is quite sure I should flick the car within the next couple of years  which I guess I have to plan on now …. it is 15 years old now and you aren’t here to keep it in good running order, so a new(er) car is now a necessity.

…and after yesterday’s shock quote from the self-proclaimed leaders in patio building, the builder-husband of my favourite aide is coming to give me a quote on Monday.  his words were “(company name) are really expensive – they charge like wounded bulls”.

Hopefully this means his quote will be a lot lower.

But I bloody well hate having to make all these decisions without you.  I am not the decision making type.  I am the perceiver, not the judger when it comes to large expenditure.  I keep coming back to the fact that the deck is really a necessity, not a want…… I *need* it to stop the water from coming into the house….. and still the decision is so hard.



why Why WHY did this happen to us?

Why are you the one to go?

I just don’t understand.

None of this makes any sense.


I miss you.

I love you.