326 days…

and today, out of the blue, I’m feeling OK.

It’s even a frigging Friday night which are usually the worst …. and I have had a millisecond of acceptance.

Never been there before.

… and I don’t suppose it will last as I can barely recall that moment where I knew that I wished you’d come home, but I knew you weren’t going to.

and I didn’t cry at the thought (but may later).


I had to sit through a WH&S in-service today.

Opening slide:

Did you know that every year,
a huge number of people are killed doing their job
and then each of those people have families that have to deal with the fallout?

No Shit Sherlock.

That’s when I burst into tears at school today.  Thank God it was a pupil-free day.


I actually dont’ start work until week 2 …. which can mean both the fact that I’m unpaid for an extra week, or I have a kid-free week during which time I can get a whole heap of stuff done.

Like organise your headstone.


I miss you like crazy.

I love you forever.