327 days…

I am so tired I can barely type.

I haven’t been sleeping well this past week.

I don’t want to go back on the Temazepam and the Valerian was working really well… but I really need to sleep.

The mower man came today – he does wonders with the hell lawn we have developed here – a full-blown pond WITH algae now exists on the footpath sludge. the from yard has a channel carved by storm water and the back yard is still a mess from the drain.

But Ron fixed it and it looks so much better.

…and I took the kids down to see the high tide today – it was slightly bigger yesterday, but today’s was impressive.

Mind you, they were more interested in watching a man repeatedly throw a ball into the water for his Labrador to fetch.

H was so worried that the dog would get sucked out to sea, he couldn’t watch.  Then peeked and was relieved when the dog paddled back in…. but he went through the same performance each of the 30 times the ball was thrown.


But I am now so so tired.  Drunk without drinking tired.  Tired to the bone.

I hope I sleep.

In our lonely bed.

I miss you.

I love you.