331 days…

We didn’t have our traditional Australia Day brekky today, but we did visit J and her girls for a swim and some morning tea lamingtons

Not quite the same as past years, but not so bad.

J has been a rock for me.

She’s kept the world stable for me when I was spinning out of control.

I owe her my sanity.


Mum made dinner tonight.  Another sanity saver.

…and Terry fixed another bit on my car.  A little more faith in the world restored again.

I don’t know how people deal with the fallout without a solid support network to keep them from falling.

I am so lucky – friends, family and internet buddies who’ve kept me going in one way or another are worth their weight in diamonds.

and knowing that they miss you too reminds me that you were such a light in this world.  Other people still feel your absence.

I miss you.

I love you.