336 days….


First real (paid) day of work for me.

So far, so good with the kids, but I did have one teacher (idiot) get all defensive and refuse to let me have his top maths students for extension.

That’s right, he refused to let a teacher with a PhD in science and a strong maths background take his G&T kids for extension in favour of them being bored to tears with the rest of the class.

Stupid much?

This guy just doesn’t understand that the days of having a single teacher being  responsible for all learning in the classroom are long gone.  he is one of those people who declare that the learnt everything they ever needed to know about teaching whilst at uni 30 years ago and WHY should he do anything different now.

No surprises that his kids end the year ranked more lowly than when they entered his classroom.

So I’m tossing up whether to remind the stupid bugger that*he* actually asked me to work on specific topics with his kids when I first mentioned it to him …. or just to go to the boss.  I mean, I’d like to work it out with him, but he was such a dick about it this morning, that I doubt he’d change his mind after a conversation with me.


I feel sorry for his G&T kids.


I am currently watching Cyclone Yasi look more and more threatening.  Cairns is probably going to cop it, full force.  and so I’m really worried about all our friends in FNQ … especially the ones that live in Cairns and Atherton.  …and poor bloody Innisfail will probably cop it again too, based on the BOM site.


I miss you.

I love you.