337 days….

School was fine today – the other teachers and kids have all been wonderful.  Well, most of them.  one of “my boys” from last year is playing a game / playing a role he like to play whenever we meet up.  He behaves poorly, I draw him aside, explain my expectations and consequences of poor behaviour choices and he usually begrudgingly agrees and all is well.  Not quite sure how to escape from this game … and ultimately it works … but we go through this each term and it is frustrating.

But all in all, so far, so good.  (Now there’s a sentence for you).



This afternoon, I was lucky enough to meet a gorgeous little girl who has come to me for private tuition in literacy.

Her Mum is an old  school-mate of mine …. one who was widowed when she was 6 months pregnant with this little girl.  Z is 12 years old and a delight.

and I feel good that I can help her.


…and sadly, it seems that H’s tummy upset was a bug …. poor K has just lost her lunch and  is lying under a wet washer and a fan attempting sleep.

I told you that I don’t *do* the vomits.  Erghhhh.  it’s all I can do not to spew at the merest whiff of it.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow … I haven’t enough hours for sick leave yet, and I really don’t’ want to miss the first week with my new groups at school.  I’ll see if Mum can come to the rescue tomorrow.

But the poor kid will need a day off I think so I’ll have to wangle something here.

Fingers crossed that *I* don’t get it.  I may have mentioned that I’m not good with spew.


So I’m off to bed, and hope that we all sleep.

I miss you.

I love you.