339 days….

School was great today.  I really love teaching literacy, and so far the kids have been motivated and on task.  I’ve only had slight “issues” with about three kids (out of 125 kids) and they were all resolved with the line “you can work now or at lunch time – it’s your choice”.  I even had one girl tell her mate to suck it up and work because they were year 7s now and they “just have to do the work”.

I could have hugged her.

I *love* this job 🙂

…and I love our literacy coach.  She is a beautiful person, as well as being seriously intelligent.  I wish I could download her brain.

This term is going to be great … which is lucky because hell week is coming up, and I need everything else to be as calm as possible.

I’m feeling quite OK at the moment, so I know I am going to get sucker punched on March 1.

but there’s no way over it, there’s no way under it, there’s no way round it …. so I’ll have to live through it.

….and you’d better be helping me do it sunshine!

I miss you.

I love you.