343 days…

Still kicking myself that I managed to block out the fact that yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of us laying eyes on each other and falling in love.


Perhaps the gift of feeling “almost normal” was your gift to me.


School was great today.  I am *loving* this job.

…and my confidence grows daily thanks to our fantastic literacy support teacher.  Her name is Jenni and she would have to count as one of the most intelligent, caring, beautiful souls I have met in the past  year.

…and I learn so much from her, I’m sure to start addressing her as ‘Yoda’ sometime soon.  This afternoon she ran a PD for us and I could so easily see how far I have come in my teaching and also where I need to change / work on to improve.

I’m getting it.

…and what’s more, I can tell the kids are getting it as well.

I am able to get through to them more and more each time I incorporate the things I am learning.

Oh … and what makes Jenni a true modern marvel is her thoughtfulness and compassion that go along with her amazing skill as a teacher….

… I mentioned to her that I may need to bring K&H along to the PD session as Mum wasn’t going to be home in time to take the kids.  Meanwhile, Mum devised a system of ropes and pulleys that allowed the kids to be left with Dad (I know!) for 15 minutes until she could get home and take over … so all was sorted and I didn’t think any more about it.

Until I turned up at the PD this afternoon to find that Jenni had bought a couple of activity packs for *my* kids to use during the PD.


I was going to make them sit in the corner and do their homework!


Life is feeling almost-normal again … so can you please come home now and we can end this insanity…

I miss you.

I love you.