346 days…

Feeling a bit numb tonight.

Nan has rallied but I am not cheered.  I know it’s a case of when – this week or next week.

…and your birthday and March 1 are creeping closer.


I cried as I ran the kids bath today.  I was leaning against the bathroom wall as I ran a bath for the kids and could imagine you leaning against the other side of it or talking to us through the window.

Like you used to do when you got home from work and came in the back door.

The kids would be *so* excited to see you they’d almost leap out of the bath to cover you with hugs and kisses.


I am tired.  I will go to bed early because I’ve agreed to do some aide work tomorrow at school. … and it is boring, repetitive work all day.

But I’ll get paid.



I miss you so much.

I love you.