347 days…


…and Nan has rallied.  She’s now been treated for oral thrush and lo and behold, is eating again.  Lucid.  With it. Fine-as-can-be-expected.

I know she is going to leave us soon, but please not this month.  please not in the middle of me just getting through the next few weeks.


I paid the deposit on the deck this morning.  So scary without you here.

But with the ongoing water seepage situation, ultimately I have no choice but to fix the problem … and this seems the best solution.

To be honest though – I think I will live outside on the deck.  I’m thinking an old couch for a bed and a mosquito net.  I may never need to be inside again.


I worked as an aide today – boring, repetitive work doing admin tasks really.

But the company was great.  …. a day spent doing mind-numbing stuff, but chatting to two really awesome teachers who I normally don’t have quite so much time to gassbag with.

One of them had some more gut-churning news about another male who systematically terrorises his family  (knife at her niece’s back spewing some venom about something …. and hopefully well on the way to being sectioned right now).

What is wrong with all these men??

It makes me realise how completely awesome you were.

One of the girls you went to Uni with described you as a complete gentleman in all things, and I think that is an accurate assessment.

…apparently a very rare breed and I probably under-appreciated just how *sane* and loving you were.


H took the photobook about you to school today.  On the way there, he found a picture of three generations – you, your father and H.

He turned to me and said “Is that what Granddad looked like?”.

He’d forgotten.

I think he’s scared he’ll forget what you looked like too.

…and it’s such complete and utter crap that this could actually happen, despite all the photos of you surrounding us.

You smile down at us from almost every room (obviously not the loo as that would just be creepy).

I miss you.

I love you.