350 days…

K was sick today.

As in *really* sick.

As you know, she doesn’t complain much.  Like when she broke her arm, the ER doctors didn’t believe it was broken at first because she wasn’t whingeing enough.

As it turns out she has multiple minor infections (from top to tail) which induce 40 degree fevers when combined (who knew?)

She’s feeling much better tonight, thanks to modern medicine (seriously – I hate using antibiotics, but when you DO use them in the right application, they absolutely ROCK).


Poor kiddo spent the morning with Dad (I know – I had no choice as Mum as running playgroup).  Surprisingly, Dad coped well with K.  Possibly because she sat and stared at the tv in a catatonic trance for 4 hours until I could pick her up.


In other news, H came home talking about the dreaded Valentine’s Day.  ever so slightly Pissed Off about that because it’s not really something that I think is of huge importance at school.

…but he felt sad for ME (God I love that kid).

So … he did what any self-respecting 6 yo would do…. he made up a song and sang it to me.  And then, in all seriousness,  told me he was going to be a rock star when he grew up because he “had his ukulele – what else do I need”.  (Of course I filmed him and posted the footage on facebook – for posterity).  Funny funny kid.


I am thankful that we never made a big deal out of VD … it meant that today wasn’t so hard.  But I was thankful that we loved each other every day.  Every day.  We said it and we showed it.

So I miss the every day love.

but I love that we loved each other so much.



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