351 days…
I was just looking through my Project 365 photo diary that I started just before you died… and I found a picture I took of you exactly one year ago – Gorgeous!

One year ago – just before you gave me my DSLR camera for my birthday.
… just before you died.


K was feeling quite a bit better today.

but the universe decided to add a little kicker when two birds managed to poop on BOTH kids as they stepped out of the car at school.  I cleaned them both up as best I could and managed to snare a spare pair of shorts for H … which of course I had to fight to get him to wear…. bloody kid s flatly refused to change into clean shorts because somebody else may have worn them at some point in the past.

“But mate, your shorts have bird poop on them”

“yeah but they are MY shorts and I’d rather wear them”.

“Guess again buddy… you are getting changed.”  … which he did after much cajoling.

He stormed off to class, shooting me death-ray stares but refused to go inside.  So I left him sitting outside the classroom (with the teacher’s knowledge) and went off to my class.

Apparently his mood lasted about 10 seconds after I left.


I miss you.  I read a quote today which describes exactly how I miss you….

“Missing someone isn’t about the last time you see them or the amount of time since you last talked. It’s about that very moment when you are doing something and you wish they were right there with you”.

I love you.


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