353 days….

I should be in bed.

But I can’t sleep.

What a surprise.

I’m upset that K only got an average mark (75%) on a test today, which is absolutely fine  … great even … except that *I* know she can do better.

*I* also know that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to tests and need to let it go before I turn her into someone like me who beats themselves up for only getting a 6.67 GPA …because I didn’t get straight 7s in my degree.

I should probably also remember that she’s been ill this week and had a little fall right before she sat the test  … so she was simultaneously holding ice on her knee.

I need to let it go, but can’t seem to.

…and even as I write it, I know it’s this feeling that we’ve suffered enough and life should be all rainbows and fairies and glitter farting unicorns….and freaking 100% test scores for the kids.

Life should be 100% good all the time now – we’ve paid our dues.

That’s the way it should work.

Damn you, reality!

(and no – I haven’t let her know that I’m upset about it … but she may have noticed the ramped up guided reading time at home tonight).


Mum and I are going to visit Nan tomorrow.  Hopefully we will make it there and back while the kids are at school … failing that, H’s bestie’s Dad will pick them up and take them all back to their place.

Apparently Nan was OK again today, but her memory changes hourly so she may not know who I am tomorrow … that will be a shock.

But I know I’m really going up to say goodbye one more time.

If you have any sway with that Big Bastard Upstairs, PLEASE can Nan not die on your birthday or death day.

There are already enough people in this family sharing March 1 as a departure date.

I miss you, Buddy Roo.

I love you beyond breath.