357 days…

K had a rough day at school today.

So rough that they paged me over the PA to come to her classroom.

I found her hugging Mrs D and sobbing that she missed you.

and while I know this to be true,  I asked her what was really eating her…

It seems that she and her best friend are at odds and another little girl is edging in on the friendship and pushing K out … and right now, that’s pretty threatening to her.

So we talked about how she was only responsible for her own behaviour, but that she didn’t need to put up with rudeness from anyone …. all reinforced by her lovely classroom teacher.

Interestingly enough, the other little girl found her shortly after I left and tried to pressure her into NOT telling us anything about the problem.  Thankfully K hear us tell her that she should speak up and tell us of any bullying.

Soooo … when I came back to check on her in the afternoon, the look on the other little girl;s face told the whole story – she was bug-eyed and very guilty-looking.  She and I shared a “look” for a moment … and  it was done.

I just hope this all resolves itself quickly.

At any rate, K knows to figure out strategies for dealing with the bullying behaviour…. she spent the next lunchtime with another friend.


A cracker of a storm tonight after an unbearably hot and humid day.  Thankfully we weren’t in the firing line.

I kind of like the light-show, but hate the wind and rain … and noise.

Not you – you loved storms.

I miss how you loved storms

I love you.